For predictable safety concepts.

Female Apprentice Working With Engineer On CNC Machinery
Networking administrating service. network engineer administrator checking and installing software at server hardware equipment of data center

We perform the required tests on the reliability of your plant.

Our examination covers conformity and installation, including documentation of means of production that are used in endangered zones.

We only use particularly qualified staff members as specified by the Industrial Safety Regulation §14.

This includes the following tasks:

Creation of concepts for maintenance

  • Concepts for maintenance determine the whole organization process, the number of required stages of maintenance and the tasks in which they need to be implemented.

Development of measuring concepts

  • Assistance for developing measuring procedures of process control facilities, whose function needs to be inspected in regular time periods (e.g. guards and monitoring devices).

Preparation of measuring plans

  • Preparation of measuring plans for conducting investigators (e.g. TÜV, maintenance) to review if required functionality of process control facilities are met.

 Electrotechnical examination of your plants

  • In explosion-endangered areas according to §§14, 15 Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV).

 Establishment of verification of intrinsic safety

  • According to DIN VDE 0165.